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1950's National Polytronics Symphony Vintage Guitar Amplifier - USA

  • Price:$400.00

Please Read the Entire Listing!!!

I am listing some vintage musical equipment for a friend who hasbeen in the industry for many years.
The items that will be listed are in goodworking condition unless otherwise stated.

However, due to the vintage natureof most of these musical instruments,
these items come with no guarantees andno returns.
The items will be described as best as possible so you know upfront what you are bidding on. 

These are vintage items, however they are not collectors status condition.
Theyare items that have seen road use and have been used in working environments.
Theyare vintage, but may have wear and tear to the aesthetics of the item.
Due toage, some of these items have had speaker replacements, repairs, and otherminor modifications.
Ask questions prior to bidding, and I will try to get theanswers from the owner.
Thanks for looking, and have fun bidding.

1950's National Polytronics Symphony Amplifier

 This is a vintage and very rare find. This  amp is in original condition except for the handle. 

It has a hand made leather handle. I believe the knobs and switches are all original as well. 

I am not sure about the speaker. It works and sounds great, but is being sol AS IS. 

Shipping and handling is $45 to the Lower 48 states. No International Bids Please.

Please ask questions prior to bidding. All sales are final with no returns. Thanks for looking. 

For those who have been requesting, I have added two additional pictures of the guts of the amp. 

There are a total of 5 tubes inside: the two black ones are marked 6F6; Two are marked 65L7; One is marked 5Y3-GT.