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1953 Fender Telecaster real vintage '53 Tele, Broadcaster pu, HUGE GE Smith neck

  • Price:$5950.00

For Sale: 1953 Fender Blackguard Telecaster:

If all original, the 2012 price guide for a Blackguard is $25,000 to $32,000. Many are sold for $40,000 and up. A well known dealer has a similar to mine (non-original partscaster) vintage Tele for $11,000. I am selling this guitar for about halfprice of that dealer - $5950.00 or best cash offer.

Real vintage '53 Tele body - Jeff Beck style contours done prior to a MJT refin by previous owners. 1954 Fender Champion Lap Steel (same as Broadcaster pickup but without baseplate) bridge pickup screwed into the wood with original screw and springs, and '54 control knobs (same as all early 50's early Broadcaster, Nocaster, Tele, or Esquire). GE Smith signature neck (truly HUGE baseball bat neck), bridge, neckplate, flathead screws, neck pickup, control plate and controls. 70's brass Gibson Les Paul output jackplate. Fender G&G HSC.
Please ask any/all questions and look at pictures before bidding. Buyer's responsibility to follow auction rules and understand what they are bidding on, including condition. You bid, you buy, you pay auction closing price plus $70 shipping/insurance (insurance will be expensive), you receive item as stated with no expressed or implied warranty as item is used; sold as-is. Auction is for US only.

I will include a Blackguard Esquire pickguard as well (modern repro, not vintage). THis pic shows the neck pocket date on the body as well:

Also including an extra blank (modern era) relic neckplate, and vintage 1954 Fender Champion Lap Steel pots, cap, wire, screws and output jack.

Also included, this 1952 reissue relic bridge. I had it on this guitar at one point - has an aftermarket serial number stamped on it, an early 50's #.