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1955 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow Vintage Electric Guitar Stock w/hc

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 Up for sale, a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Special with a jaw-droppingly cool TV Yellow finish.  The guitar is 99% stock, has incredible acoustic resonance when unplugged and positively screams when plugged in, thanks in no small part to a pair of stock P-90 pickups.  The original finish is still very vibrant, but with a worn in look around the edges and on the back of the neck.  This guitar is a no-nonsense tone machine!

The neck has a medium C profile that stays consistent in its depth as you move up the fretboard.  The stock frets are intact and while they are low, there is no buzzing or dead spots on the fretboard.  The frets are well dressed and have a few more good years of consistent play left.  The Brazilian rosewood fretboard is in exceptional shape with no gouges, dents or evidence of serious play wear.  The nut has been replaced, and the current nut is professionally cut and fits in well with the rest of the instrument.  The back of the neck shows evidence of being lovingly played for many years, with the TV Yellow being rubbed away to reveal the mahogany beneath it.  The finish on the back of the neck has been oversprayed at some point in the past.  The work was very professionally done and has a wonderfully consistent and worn in feel.

The headstock sports the original Gibson logo and single line tuning machines.  The tuning machines all turn smoothly and hold pitch well.  As is common with most 50s Gibsons, the tuning buttons have shrunk significanty, but on this particular model they are adhering well to the pegs of the tuning machines and still function well.  The D and G pegs are also slightly bent, but this also does not affect tuning.  On the face of the headstock there are a couple of chips adjacent to the truss rod cover which have been touched up and blend in well with the rest of the original headstock veneer.

The body features all original electronics (save for one replaced tone cap) and both pickups have strong and balanced output with the neck pickup reading 7.63k ohms and the bridge putting out 7.64k ohms.  All of the pots work as they should without any crackling and turn smoothly.    The original aluminum bridge/tailpiece combo adds an incredible resonance and top end to the guitar, and has moderate flaking on the nickel finish no doubt due to almost 60 years of string wear!  This guitar has suffered from the most common issue that plagues 50s Specials and Juniors, which is that from the factory Gibson drilled the post holes for the stopbar too shallow.  As a result, the stopbar inserts were notorious for ripping out of the instrument and taking a small bit of finish with them.  Thankfully on this particular example the damage was fairly minor and was very professionally addressed.  The finish was cleanly glued back down and the inserts were most likely replaced, leaving only a couple finish cracks on either side of the stopbar inserts (photo #10). 

Cosmetically, the body is in great shape, with no overspray or touchups on the positively gorgeous TV Yellow finish.  There is moderate wear on the edges of the instrument (photos #7 and 8) and light checking and buckle rash on the back. There is also one slightly lighter colored block of finish just north of the back panel, reportedly from where an old song list was taped. The pickguard is bending slightly between points where it is screwed down, but does not get in the way of the pick path or pose a serious issue.

This is a wonderful example of a 50s Les Paul Special and is ideal for the collector or serious player!  The tone is rich and nuanced and the P-90s positively bark in a way that only a nearly 60 year old Gibson can.  The guitar has a clarity and dynamic, touch sensitive quality that is to die for!  You've got to play it to believe it!

A non-original black hardshell case is included.

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