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1962 Vintage Harmony Roy Smeck *Rare*

  • Price:$995.00


1962 Vintage Harmony Roy Smeck.. Like the Stratotone and Jupiter, It originally was made byHarmony, and sold from Montgomery Ward model H7208, and the Logo on the headstock should sayRoy Smeck, but years ago the previous owner lost the Smeck logo and replaced itwith a Harmony logo...All else is original except one tone pot was replaced andthe original pot will come in the case pocket..also the truss rod cover andpickguard tip is cracked. The back of the neck has some black dots on it..The figuredlaminated Maple top is great except has the dig as shown in the photos..Now thegood stuff; She's been gone over by a guitar tech and all is perfect includingthe electronics, neck, frets..Plays like butter and has amazing tone.. Thefingerboard looks like Ebonized and it is great.. Has that great  24 1/4 scale length from the nut to thebridge, that they are known to be easy fast players..It is Gig ready and needs nothing..The two strong Rowe DeArmondpickups are amazing and that's why everyone loves them..It will come a new Leviskull guitar strap shown and with its original chip case..There are a few otherson the internet, see them if you type in, or copy and paste: Montgomery Ward Roy SmeckH7208.. Also go to Gbase and see a few there **SORRY USA ONLY** I'll ship thisinsured to anywhere in the 48s for 40.00..HarmonyDatabase