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Here is a great old Regal..Model number H260...Has a 161/2" body, and it has a scale length of 25 1/8" from the nut to thebridge.. It has a solid carved Spruce top and has the same solid wood body asthe Harmony H1310 archtop... These were made from 1962 to 1965.. The pickguardassembly is new and has some value by itself.. The Electronics are a KentArmstrong pickup and has Volume and Tone wheels under the pickguard, and soundslike a Solid Spruce archtop guitar for great jazz or blues tone....The tuning headshave been changed to Grovers and the "wing" on the back of theheadstock has been reglued and touched up as shown in the photos..Also thereare a  few marks on the Spruce top and alittle finish touch up on the other damages...The string action isMedium and can be made lower by taking down the bridge..The neck profile ismedium size and not at all slim and not too clubby.. It's not perfect, but fora 47 yr old guitar I think it's in very good condition..It will come with aearly 60s Yellow lined Gibson case in average condition with some torn missingToilex and one changed can hear this guitar if you click here--1965 Regal H260 Archtop-- ; **SORRY USA ONLY**  I'll ship this fully insured to anywhere inthe 48s for 50.00