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1967 SUPRO Thunderbolt 1-15" Vintage Tube Combo AMP JIMI TONE WoW !!!!!

  • Price:$999.00

Here we have a wonderful example of the legendary American Classic AmpThe1967 SUPRO Thunderbolt Amp...this is the first year with the new looking Blue Faced front panel..quite the cool looking amp... This amp is in original condition and is quiet at idle and has that legendary Raw Supro tone these amps are know for...originally made for the bass guitar its set up with a strong 15" speaker, these amps were soon adopted as one of the greatest sounding guitar amplifiers ever built. Notably played by & recorded by Jimi Hendrix as well as Jimmy Page , Robin Trower and many many more... this is a great survivor from the 60's and it BRINGS HOME THE TONE. This one is in very nice condition its not new or mint of course but is beautiful. This is a rare version Thunderbolt and is truly great sounding and a great recording amp...when low volume is sweet & jangly jazz tone capable and when cranked think Jimmy Page compressed and gain tones bounding this one is a huge tone machine...and is a bargain in today's new boutique Amp world of $3k ++ amps...this thing still KILLS most all of those ampsand with a pedal is unstoppable just recently had a full check up and is at 100%! Immediate payment required at auctions end, no exceptions! 

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