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1976 Gibson Marauder - vintage and clean!!!!

  • Price:$695.00

I have a 1976 Gibson Marauder that has all the original pickups, tuners and pickguard.  I can't tell about the pots and switch if they are original but as you can see from the pictures it is clean as a whistle.  I had a full neck dress on it cleaned up beautifullyand plays super smooth with nice low action - it has the same fretless wonderfeel of my '76 Les Paul Custom!  The pickups sound and great and are the original Bill Lawrence models.

I should mention that there is a small chip in the pickguard which is visible in the picture and I opened it up and it appears there was some minor routing done around the bridge pickup cavity and the selector switch.  These are completely covered by the pickguard.There is also what appears to be a repair on the headstock along the wood laminations by the low E string machine head.  The repair is very solid and very hard to see.  It doesn't even show up in the picture.  This guitar also comes with a very nice molded SKB case.  This is a very nice guitar and plays and sounds great.

Good luck bidding.