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Airline Jack White J. B. Hutto Vintage 1960's Electric Guitar Resoglass Jetsons

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I have for sale this awesome, made in the USA, Airline resoglass guitar from the early 1960's.  This guitar shows wear, but no damage. There is a little glue to clean up near the nut. The binding shows dings and the tuning pegs show some yellowing as these tend to do with age.  It needs a good cleaning. I do not want to do this as I don't want to remove any parts. It will look great cleaned up! As far as I know this guitar has all original parts and had only one owner (a friend of mine) before me. Neck is straight, action is low, and the frets are in great shape. It is missing a white tip for the sliding switch, and one screw (under the one shown on back). It has such cool tone when you set it up just so. Eddie Van Halen, J.B. Hutto, and Jack White all knew there was something special about these guitars! I bet you do too!

I do not have a case for it, but will ship in a guitar shipping box. I offer no warranty and the guitar is offered AS IS. Shipping will be $30.00. This is a PAYPAL ONLY auction.

Please ask me any questions before the sale. I am only selling this, plus one other guitar, a Vintage Teisco Del Ray, because I need to pay my taxes A.S.A.P. Argggh! So, all sales are final!

On May-20-12 at 11:26:47 PDT, seller added the following information:

I've added better pictures. You can see the glue that needs to be cleaned up near the nut. The few nicks, scratches or dings are shown. The binding is in excellent shape with no cracks aside from a tiny few nicks. The finish is nice, with several light scratches. Deepest is shown. I read that it can be buffed to new-like because its resoglass! 

This guitar has been on a guitar stand in a studio for many years. It is dirty with nicotine and dust. It needs to be cleaned very well. I will not do this because I don't want to remove the hardware or pickups. So, that will be up to you. Viewing the web, I have not seen many in this good of shape! MOst have replacement parts or cracked binding. If you were to play this guitar, no one at a distance as close as two feet would notice any of the nicks or scratches.  The neck looks very straight. I wanted yo to see closeups so you know what you are getting. Seeing this, you will know everything is a minor cleanup job. I just wiped it down and most of the buildup came off. I don't want to use a cleaner as I'm not sure what it will do to the surface, but just a damp chamois cloth removed lots!

I am also getting offers from $600 to $2000. I will not accept offers of that much from users with a very low (10 or less) I am going to keep this at auction. If you are a serious buyer, make the offer and I'll add Buy It Now.

On May-20-12 at 11:59:39 PDT, seller added the following information:

There are little chips in the finish at the top of the headstock and at in the binding near the neck. You could see it in the picture.