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Aloha - Cast Metal 6-String Vintage Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar - Rare

  • Price:$699.00

This is a rare, hardly seen and charming
collectable guitar.

The case is in fair condition with working
latches and hinges.

Cast metal body with red, white
and blue lucite laminates.

Love those matching tuner buttons.

This is a real 4th of July special and
one of my all-time personal favorites
for character and style.

I'm not sure, but this guitar seems to have functional problems.
Both control knobs act like volume controls, but neither seems to affect the tone.

No matter! I love this guitar so much, and it is so rare that I feel it is worth more than the asking price as a wall-hanger. Please let me know if you see any lap steel guitar like this anywhere on the Internet. I saw one other one on eBay (years ago) and one other one on some website (a real pretty one with green/yellow/white coloring and a wonderful floral design on the fretboard). You see tons of Rickenbachers and Gibsons and Fenders and junk-kind Aloha lap steels...but NOTHING LIKE THIS!!

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