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Epiphone Alkire Eharp - Vintage 10-String Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitar - early 40s

  • Price:$599.00

Epiphone - Eddie Alkire Eharp - 10-String

Serial Number: 107 - Circa early fourties

Exceptionally good cosmetic condition, except for some scuffs on the back from being played on a stand and a few minor nicks/chips.

There is some historical significance related to this model, as it was the first ten-string lap steel ever produced - a great idea! What took them so long to think of that?

This guitar is extra special in that the binding is not separating from the body as in many of these models (especially in the waist area). Only a very small separation appears where the body meets the neck.

The handrest has warped or been molded to comfortably fit the palm. I doubt that it was like that when new. I have not seen the curved handrest on other similar guitars.

There are also eight strings in original Eharp envelopes, and one empty envelope (the one that says, "No. 2"). If you are an avid collector, these may be the rarest items in this auction, although I can't say for sure if the strings are actually the original strings.

The case is in good condition, functional and all the latches and hinges work. It is a little tattered around the edges. There is a key in one compartment.

Here's the catch...there seems to be a problem with the electronics, as there is sound coming out, but the signal is weak and buzzy. I thought it was the input jack, but I didn't see any obvious problem (looks real good under the back plate). The guitar sounded great when I aquired it several years ago, but I haven't been playing it.

Eddie Alkire (1907-1981) was an influential steel guitarist and teacher. In 1939 he invented the 10-string Eharp