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Epiphone Rivoli Bass 1967 Vintage Original "NOT A REISSUE" same as EB2 Gibson

  • Price:$1550.00

hi-I am selling this very cool 1967 Epiphone Rivoli in Cherry Red. It is still nice and red. Beautiful woodgrain as seen in the pictures. "Hello Chas Chandler". This bass is mostly original. Except for the keys are Grover, the knobs are newer Gibson Knobs, a new switch was added at some time and this is an original 60's EB2 Gibson Pickguard. The pickguard is just as vintage as the bass. Blue label, Serial number 0675XX. This makes it a 1967. The neck on the baby is as smooth as butter. There are no dead frets. Each note rings with tons of sustain. There are dings and scratches on a bass of this vintage. Also, there  are a few extra holes at the top of the bass as the previous owners all put the thumb rest in a couple of different places. The holes have been filled as seen in the picture. The Bass is used but not abused. I believe it has been taken care of. This bass has been giged and really has that cool vintage vibe we all look for. It has all the original electronics. They sound great. There was an extra hole for the strap button as seen in the picture on the top cutaway as seen in the picture. This belonged to a lefty who played the strings up side down. Comes with what I believe is the original square Hardshell case with purple lining. I think it is original but I could be wrong. I do know it is very vintage this case. The lining on the top outside has been torn away but the lining is there at the rest of the case as seen in the pictures. Still a very cool case. So, if you want a super vintage cool Rivoli at a fraction of the cost of the others then this is the bass for you. Happy Bidding.



PS:::::: I lowered the price drastically. Now you can have a Vintage 1967 Epiphone Rivoli at a killer price. IT shouldn't last long.