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Fender Telecaster 1969 VINTAGE

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Item Description

For sale is a 1969 Fender Telecaster. I obtained this guitar from an older couple that had the guitar stored for years.

Most of the parts are original. I had the bridge pick up rewound. It has dead after many years of sitting untouched. The bridge was wound to the exact specs of 1969 and reads 6.7 ohms. The neck pick up reads 6.9 ohms. All the pots read 1966 which is very common. Fender bought a lot of pots in 66 and used them for many years after. The neck heal is stamped 3 FEB 69 B.



The body has a lot of checking going on. The neck pocket has the typical finish cracks. By the jack is a heavy ding. The bottom back of the horn has a lot of deeper scratches and the finish is worn rather heavy in this area. Throughout the body are some dings and bruises. The back has a lot of buckle rash. The frets show some minor wear on them. They have never been leveled and are original.

I have one original knob and the switch tip has been changed. You can see one string ferrule is not original; it is not attached to the body.

The guitar weighs 7.4 LBS and is very comfortable to play. This guitar has the mojo!!!! The case is very beat up and in rough shape.