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Framus Werke Bavaria Made in Germany Vintage Guitar Serial #37260 EX Model 5011

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Not a guitar expert or musical instrument expert but researching online and the fact there are no others like this one on ebay, rare vintage guitar! Old label as shown Framus Werke Made in Germany, Bavaria specifically, believe this to be from their vintage days, guessing somewhere from the 1950s through 1970s, hoping a guitar expert out there can clue me in!  6 string guitar, presuming acoustic, again, not known to me if acoustic or bass, presuming acoustic.   No strings, missing tiny piece on top edge of frets I believe they are called, otherwise I think it is complete.   For restoration, structurally quite beautiful and in decent shape but again, I am not an expert!  Please email to help me identify this properly.  I believe the label says Framus Werke Made in the Heart of Bavaria, Made in Germany, EX, Model 5011 or 501/1 or something like that, see photos.  then Serial Number I think is 37260 or 37269, not clear to me, then 66G, also 50 15X, again, see photos, somewhat unclear but reasonably sure I have it right.  Length is 36", widest point is 12+", depth is 3+", again, all sizes approximately so!  Sold as is, as shown, please email as to the date and type and anything else I should be noting.  Not mint, needs minor work, sold as is, as shown, hard to find Framus Werke acoustic vintage guitar!  Do not know type, they have a vintage website but not sure what type it is!  Check it out!  Again, sold as is whatever you see is what I am selling!