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Old/vintage Guitar/Mandoli​n?: Fender,Gibson.​. 1850-1980

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I offer a collection of about 600 (!!) patents around guitars, mandolins and partially banjo s from USA between 1850 and 1980.

All patents are complete, that means contain the full text and all (often beautiful and very informative - see example) drawings. All together there are around 2000 pages!

You will find information about the patent history of guitars and similar music instruments only here in this easily to handle, perfect kind!

The inventors / owners come mostly from USA (FENDER, Gibson, Dunlop, Moog, Dimarzio ..) but also from a lot of other contries in the world. The patents are busy mostly with guitars, but also with mandolins and banjo s or with parts/accessories of it (bridge, capodastro, plectrum, music rack attachment ...) and give a lot of detailed technical informations.

Delivery is as patent collection of pdf-files on a CD (not a book). You need only the wellknown free programme Acrobat Reader or a similar one to open the files. You can also print each file. If you take for example "antique stile paper" you can make nice pictures for wall decoration for yourself.

Also included is an Excel list with patent titles, datas of issue, and for the patents after 1920 also inventors/owners of the patent. The list is linked directly to each patent files so that each patent can be opened very easy if you click on the link. This is a very comfortable way to exploit the extensive document material.

It is not really a problem if you do not have the programme Excel from Microsoft. Look for "Excel Viewer" at google and you will find freeware version of an Excel Viewer programme. So you can open and print the Excel table without problem!

Of course you can open each patent file also direct without using of the Excel table!!

Copyright of the CD has only the seller!

Please see also my other items, this article can you also buy also as "buy it now" - item to the same price (noted in Euro)!! 

Shipping worldwide as airmail letter. Within Europe there is a reduced shipping rate. You can also buy more patent collections - the shipping price will not increased!

Payment is possible by Paypal, by international bank account transfer (especially for buyers in the EURO region) or as  c a s h  in letter (but than at your risk).