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Welcome to the eBay store of Dusty's Speaker Reconing.     A pair of vintage Ohm 8 inch speakers completely rebuilt in 4 ohms. I have two pairs of these very unique speakers listed, all rebuilt together and functionally matching. Ohm built their own drivers in Brooklyn, NY.  1 1/2" 4 layer voice coil, long fiber cone, screen dust cap. The unique magnet structure features a laminated two piece back plate, laminated two piece iron ferrite magnetic material and a wedged shaped top plate. All long known construction techniques of course, but combined in the most interesting way and it makes for a very powerful speaker motor. And they sound amazing, terrific bass response, but none of the slow sluggish mids sometimes found with a heavy 4 layer voice coil. These actually have some nice clear highs. Satisfaction guaranteed.       -------------------   Dusty's Speaker Reconing is a full service speaker rebuilding center.  My packaging and shipping are professional and timely. My customer service is always World-Class. I personally test and inspect every speaker that leaves my shop and follow up on all sales with tracking numbers and when to expect delivery.     --- I STAND BEHIND EVERY REBUILT SPEAKER I SELL 100 % ---            Dusty's is completely independent, has no factory franchises, does not sell ' kits ' or use so called ' factory kits '. Our parts are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world today and almost always are of a higher quality than the originals. World-wide shipping. The one thing we can not do is quote shipping, use the information below to quote your costs for yourself, if you want the driver buy it and we will invoice you the total. We have no phoney ' handling' charges and bill only actual shipping costs.  30cm x30 cm x 30cm   8kg       Paypal account, credit card or debit cards accepted through the Paypal checkout window. Other arrangement through emailing me.  Please do not buy or make any offers with "shipping included", shipping is an extra charge and will be added.                                            NOW is the time for reconing. That old speaker(s) you blew up or damaged years ago, the one(s) you have in storage that have been sitting there waiting, their magnets sweetening over the passage of time are calling out to be reborn. There is magic in there, waiting to be brought out and your old speakers can sound better than they ever did, better than any new speaker you could buy.      Thanks for stopping by Dusty's.    I hope we may be of service to you soon !     Dusty.