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70 VINTAGE POINT-TO-POINT WATTS !!!! ----- This model has MID POTS in BOTH CHANNELS------these came in 410 cabs----   all 80 POUNDS worth   -----just had a Bassplayer tell me he's taking HIS amp chassis out, to put it in a Head Cab (one up on Ebay now for $106 )---- and that he PREFERS 212 setup for these, also----- so, where else you gonna find a PRISTINE 70 WATT Bassman to blow the windows out????

VINTAGE FENDER SilverFace  "BASSMAN 10"  amp CHASSIS--- POINT TO POINT, HANDWIRED ---WORKS PERFECTLY  !!!!!!!!!!!   make it a Head  ----just ROARS thru a 212------  70  WATT  Power Tranny    ------- 24.5" x9" (Twin Reverb size Head Cab) -------USA AUCTION ONLY--------- these are a BASSMAN circuit (look at the simplicity)---and like an AB 165, the BASS CHANNEL can be MODDED to another GUITAR CHANNEL, Fender or MARSHALL-LIKE ------2 channel amp (can be JUMPED also) ----------- SF faceplate in GREAT shape-------- new 3 prong cord, removed ground switch, NEW accessory plug(grounded), thoroughly gone thru, CLEANED UP---------- new power light and lens ------- Master Volume is GREAT on this ------USA AUCTION ONLY---thanks-----------ANY QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME --- just do some RESEARCH, if you're not familiar with these------ this states "4 ohm minimum" by the speaker jacks------- so, 4 ohm, 8 ohm fits------ its a FENDER ------ you can use it as a CROWBAR, then play thru it-------  THANKS