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RARE\Vintage\C​ollectible Gibson Les Paul Jumbo w/case Original good shape

  • Price:$13.00

Original Gibson Les Paul Jumbo Guitar with original case (orange inside).  Acoustic. In good condition.  The body has a few scuffs but none deep (picture 2 by the bottom knob on the left, picture 3 on the neck by knobs on top, picture 4 on the neck in the middle and on the case on the bottom front), knobs in good shape and legible.  Has the split on the front but not really split. color is natural,front and the mahogany and line down the middle with design on back (do have that picture but came out fuzzy and not enough room for any more pictures) has good color on the wood.   I am selling this for a friend and it was given to him thru a deceased family member.  We dont know about the sound except he was told it was good.  We do know the rarity of the Jumbo is all.  If you have any questions you can email and I will check with him so I will return emails as quick as I find out (if I can)  The bottom string is held by a broken golf tee.  We do not know how to replace and dont want to try.  Any one who does shouldnt have any problems so I know it doesnt hurt the value due to the condition and rarity of the guitar.  The shipping price includes insurance and confirmation number.  I dont know guitars but when I took the pictures for him I felt it was in very good condition, for as old as it is.  Not signs of much wear  The serial number is 904983 and is stamped on the back of the neck on top ( picture 7) and inside the guitar on an orange sticker with the name and style and guarantee from Kalamazoo MI (picture 8).  I dont think you will be disappointed if you really want one of these guitars.  .  Please contact me before leaving negative feedback to work it out if needed.  (I know you wont need to ).  I do have the measurements of the case and the guitar.  Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.