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Relic Esquire Telecaster with Vintage Fender Parts

  • Price:$1398.00

This is a custom built Tele.  The bodyis a Fender '82 1952 Reissue.  The neck is a Jamerson Blackguard neck madefrom the specs of a Nocaster with the serial number 0514; you can read the neckspecs here:

 The bridge is also from a Fender '82 1952 Reissue.  Thebridge pickup is a Don Mare that was a NAMM Show demo; it's frightening but I'mnot sure which Mare model it is.  The neck pickup is a custom woundCharlie Christian.  The tuners on the guitar are vintage Klusons; the dateto the '60's.  The case is an older Fender from the '70's, I think. The latches all work well.

 This guitar was assembled by  a master luthier at WillcuttGuitars in Lexington, Ky.  After they assembled it, theyordered several custom Fender models made with the same general idea:

 The guitar screams.  I sold four Tele's after making thisguitar because there really was no point in keeping them.  The rough weight of the guitar is 8 lbs.

 I think I've priced this fair according what it would take toreplicate it.  Many custom shop models are priced far more than this andyou will certainly not get the same sound/quality.