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Rickenbacker Vintage model 425 Solidbody Cresting Wave 1964 with orig Case

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Rickenbacker 425 pre-1964 - 45 Year old Vintage - Original Case

This is a Rickenbacker Solid Body 425 single pick-up guitar from around 1964 or earlier. I can't find a serial number anywhere but based on features, it was made between 1961 - 1964 since it has the thinner (1 1/4") body rather than the 1 5/8" thickness. I believe they stopped making the non-vibrato, single coil version in 1964.

I am not the original owner of this beauty. I purchased it when I owned a musical instrument store around 2004. The guitar is in very good condition in general - especially when you realize that it over 45 years old. It has been played but not hard. The fretboard only has minor lacquer wear in the 1-4 fret area and almost no fret wear. The pick-up sounds great. I plugged it into my old Gibson GA-5 tube amp and it is a perfect fit with a vintage type tube amp. It drives it from clean to very crunchy without breaking down like a modern high-power humbucker does. If this were a lefty, I would absolutely keep it but I don't play right-handed much anymore so it would be a waste for me to hold on to it.

The case appears to be be original for the guitar and the time period but as I said, I am not the original owner. The pickup and tuners also seem original. I am not sure about the pots but I took the pickguard off and photographed the components so you can decide for yourself. The scale length is 24 3/4". It has the cresting wave style maple body, white pickguard, through-body maple neck, 21-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlay, fixed bridge, chrome hardware, chrome bar pickup, volume/tone control and two-position switch which is a treble boost.

This is some finish wear on the neck shown in the photos and some on the upper-side of the lower bout. Also there is "Nancy" scratched into the back of the headstock and much lighter at the heal of the neck on the back. There is a crack in the white-pickguard. The action is medium low to me, very easy to play. The pickup isn't noisy even though it is a single coil. If sounds much like a quiet P-90 to me. The tuners all work, a couple of them are a little stiff but not bad at all. Overall, for it's age - it is in very good condition in my opinion.

George Harrison owned one of these. Here is the link to that page.

Some additional picture of the Rickenbacker 425


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