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 VINTAGE 1960s STANDEL ARTIST XII combo amplifier.  With 2 X 12" JENSEN SPECIAL DESIGN SPEAKERS made in 1965.

This amp works & sounds great! Of course, it is  a collectors item.  Weight: 60 pounds.  Dimensions: 12" Deep x 24" Wide X 34" Tall.

In pix 6 & up, the back of the amp chassis is visible: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WIRE LEADING FROM THE AMP TO THE SPEAKER HAS BEEN RIGGED.  It WORKS, but is a amateur wiring job.

Written with an engraving pen, on a plate attached to the back of the amp chassis: Model A-12-B.  Serial # 1557-1.

Also: the thin back panel that should fit behind the amplifier section is missing & someone replaced it with a piece of fiberboard.  Plus, some of the back speaker cabinet screws are missing. 

In the second photo, you can see the speaker back, leaning against the amp & it is in good shape.  ALL THE TOLEX IS IN GOOD CONDITION.  But there are some minor nicks in the Tolex, that could be easily glued down.

Also, you can see in that photo, where the missing cover for the back of the amplifier section should go.

Otherwise, this amp appears to be complete & original.  Mid 60's vintage?

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