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Here we have a beautiful 1964 Gibson SG Junior guitar.  This guitar has been refinished.  Someone painted it white many years ago and the paint they used burned into the original cherry finish giving it a pinkish hue.  The body and neck were carefully stripped down to the beautiful mahogany, except for the face of the peg head which was left original to maintin the logo and some of the guitar's vintage quality.  The body and neck were then coated in a clear tung oil finish, which is highly durable and beautiful.

The guitar plays beautifuly and sounds fantastic, so long as your a fan of that vintage P90 single coil pickup sound.  The neck is straight and true, and the frets are in excellent condition, and the tuners are original.  The bridge is a "Badass" replacement model that I assume the "painter" put on.  It's superior to the original bridge in as much as it has more mass and is intonated... but I still wish the original was on there, for value's sake.

The price is set high on this unit, I'm a bit "on the fence" about selling it... but if the interest is there, away it goes.  Also, I'm putting stuff like this up here to get the attention of guitar players who might be interested in my main business, which is a product called THE SUBLIMINAL LEARNING SYSTEM

Would you like to see a dramatic improvement in your playing in as little as 30 days?  If you're a beginner trying to get quickly up to speed on technique, or a seasoned player interested in infusing new life into your chops, this product is definately for you!  We have several subject titles in the system but the GUITAR program is where we began.  We are musicians and sound engineers who originally developed this system with the musician in mind.

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Thanks, and Good Luck Bidding!