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VINTAGE '65 KALAMAZOO BASS 30 AMPLIFIER { Original Condition w/ Classic Tone! }

  • Price:$495.00

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Check this guy out! 1965 Kalamazoo Bass 30 tube amplifier, made in the USA. This 30 watt tube amplifier sounds great. It produces a very warm, "tight" bass tone that would excel for recording or smaller, more intimate club gigs. But that's not all, try plugging in your Strat or LP...give it some stomp box over-drive and she comes alive! Pure 60's vintage tube tone!

The Bass 30 appears all original and is in nice shape. Amp shows normal wear & tear for a product that's almost 50 years old. Leather handle has some cracking but fully functional, corner guards show the usual corrosion & some minor nicks in the tolex. The amp features 2 10" speakers in a sealed-back cabinet, volume, bass & treble controls, (with treble pot also acting as on/off). The Bass 30 also features a rather deluxe "pop out" control panel similar to older Ampegs.

I have been using this Bass 30 to do some recording, using a 1970 Aria Viola Bass with black tape flatwound strings. Wow, you talk about warm! Just a great vintage, compressed & tight sound all around. Please email me if you have any questions!

Shipping a flat $59 to all continental US. Sorry, no International shipping on this except for Canada via UPS.



For more information on the Kalamazoo line, see the Kalamazoo web pages at 

Externally, the only differences in the early models are on the badgeand the control face. These will either be marked "Bass 30","Bass 50", or "Bass" on the control face and nothing on the badge.Amps without a number after the word "Bass" may be solid state or tube; you'llhave to verify this on an amp by amp basis. I believe the later modelwas only available in a 30 watt version.

Like the Fender Bassman, this does a fine job as a guitar amp, as well as adecent (if quiet) job as a bass amp.

Vital Statistics

Model: Bass 30 (tube), Bass 50 (tube), Bass (tube or solid state)
Year manufactured:1965 - ~1970


  • Two inputs (one channel)
  • Loudness (volume)
  • Treble (with on/off switch)
  • Bass
  • On/off switch may be on treble control or separate rotary switch (which may have polarity setting as well)


  • Bass 30: Two 7591s in push-pull[1]
    Bass 50: Two EL34/6CA7s in push-pull
  • 6EU7 (preamp,. phase splitter)
  • 6EU7 (post phase splitter drivers)
  • solid state diodes for rectifier
  • one other diode (bias supply)

Output Transformer:

  • Bass 30: Woodward-Schumacher 606921 / 955-003511
  • Bass 50: Unknown

Speaker:Per marketing material:

  • two 10" Jensens, front loaded in sealed cabinet:
    • C10P with 17 oz magnets (Bass 30)[2]
    • C10? with 27 oz magnets (Bass 50) [almost certainly a C10N]
    • C10? for solid state Bass model
A correspondent has sent me photos of what are almost certainlyfactory installed CTS speakers in an early model Bass 30.


  • 25.5" wide x 19.625" high x 10" deep


  • schematic and tube layout chart pasted inside amp


  1. At least one Bass 30 was shipped with a schematic showing the output tubes in parallel, even though the amp is push-pull and seems to have come from the factory that way.
  2. The same amp referenced above has C10Q speakers installed in it, presumably from the factory.