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VINTAGE Classical ADMIRA Spanish GUITAR ,Made in Spain, Model " MENINA " NR!!

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1960's Classical ADMIRA SPANISH GUITAR ,Made in Spain, Model " Menina " NR!!


Now offered is a vintage SPANISH Classical GUITAR...this model no longer avaiable....labeled ADMIRA, model MENINA..Made in Spain....there is a serial number on the label.. A 20 015 368 ...exact age unknown but we believe this # indicates a circa 1970's to 80's  for this company...this company still makes fine spanish classical handmade guitars..generally this beautiful vintage  guitar is in nice general condition with a mellow warm patina on the wood and the binding.....some dings and scratches consistant with age and use, nothing serious  ( we posted a close up of a ding on the table near the lower bout, which appears to be the most obvious ) will need new strings of course and set up,,,,it was acquired in what appears to be the original old case as it has nickel fittings consistant with ADMIRA cases of the time ( this is a  covered wooden case ,not chip board,see pics )....**the case however is in "as acquired" condition and has seen a lot of use on the outside, so it will be good for protective shipping, probably restorable though,?? but this auction is for the guitar and will include the case....Please view all the photos as they also serve as description....

***PLEASE ask all questions before you bid...selling "as acquired" as we do all pre owned and vintage instruments. Please make sure this is a good purchase decision for you...WE are not the original owners nor the manufacturer , we therefore are unable  monitor the ownership of  this instrument , its maintenance, or modifications if any, for the past several decades** .....also,shipping costs were increased this year. We attempt to quote as close as possible....We ship in a heavy duty guitar box and we pride ourselves on our exceptional packing.... celebrating 14 years on ebay!