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  • Price:$760.00

 For sale is an early 70's Gibson SG, which will make a worthy project. Gibson's serial no. chart places this guy (778335) in the range of '70 - '72. The obvious mods: a third pickup cavity was routed out, and the guitar was refinished. Less obvious: the neck looks to have been off a one point, and reglued (see pics 9 & 10). Looks like a solid job - correct angle - just a little excess glue. The control pots were apparently moved at some point, and then returned to their original position. There are professionally filled holes near the originals. There are various other scratches and small holes which will need attention prior to refinishing. Frets are in great shape with VERY minor wear. Fingerboard is in good shape, and binding is intact. Will need a new nut. Grover tuners, remaining electronics, bridge, tailpiece, control cover, and (modified) pickguard are included.