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Welcome to the eBay store of Dusty's Speaker Reconing.     A single vintage JBL D123 12 inch alnico speaker completely rebuilt in 8 ohms. Excellent original cosmetics and label, a very clean woofer.  A remarkable 12 inch woofer with astonishing sound quality and Dusty's world-class reputation and customer service behind it.   3 inch perforated voice coil, legendary tone, keep it to 40 watts or less for a single D123.    All my rebuilt speakers are carefully and meticulously hand built.  Expect the very best.     Please remember ... all vintage JBL speakers are connected with the ground to the RED button, the BLACK button is for the + input.      ----  I STAND BEHIND EVERY REBUILT SPEAKER I SELL 100%  ----       I take in customer work of all types and provide the highest quality and world class customer service. Complete restoration service available including correct paintwork and replacement labeling when required.    World wide shipping.  The one thing I can not do is quote shipping, use the information below to quote your costs for yourself, if you want the driver buy it and we will invoice you the total. I have no phoney ' handling' charges and bill only actual shipping costs.      35cm x 35cm x 16cm     5kg    --------  Paypal account, credit card or debit cards accepted through the Paypal checkout window. Please do not buy or make any offers with "shipping included", shipping is an extra charge and will be added.                                            NOW is the time for reconing. That old speaker(s) you blew up or damaged years ago, the one(s) you have in storage that have been sitting there waiting, their magnets sweetening over the passage of time are calling out to be reborn. There is magic in there, waiting to be brought out and your old speakers can sound better than they ever did, better than any new speaker you could buy.     Check out my eBay store and feedback.   Thanks for stopping by Dusty's.    I hope we may be of service to you soon !     Dusty.