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Welcome to the eBay store of Dusty's Speaker Reconing.     A vintage Oxford 12J4 12 inch speaker completely rebuilt in 8 ohms. Ribbed all paper cone, 1" perforated voice coil, felt dust cap. I rate these at 25 watts each after I rebuild them. Very warm, smooth vintage tone. The humble 'little' (1 inch voice coil) J series Oxfords and R series Jensens are the overlooked orphans of vintage speakers, unless it's a 10J4, then everyone with a Princeton Amp wants one. Certainly just as worthy of rebuilding as any other similar speaker. And not to be underestimated once that is done. This one has had a full repaint and appears as a new speaker would, only it sounds great.   ----- I STAND BEHIND EVERY REBUILT SPEAKER I SELL 100 % -----     World-wide shipping. Use the information below to quote your costs.      33cm x 33cm x 30cm     4.5kg    Paypal account, credit card or debit cards accepted through the Paypal checkout window. Please do not buy or make any offers with "shipping included", shipping is an extra charge and will be added.        I run a customer driven business and I personally gaurantee you will be more than satisfied with anything you buy from me, and any speaker rebuilding I do for you as well.                                      NOW is the time for reconing. That old speaker(s) you blew up or damaged years ago, the one(s) you have in storage that have been sitting there waiting, their magnets sweetening over the passage of time are calling out to be reborn. There is magic in there, waiting to be brought out and your old speakers can sound better than they ever did, better than any new speaker you could buy.  Check out my eBay store and feedback.      Thanks for stopping by Dusty's.    I hope we may be of service to you soon !     Dusty.