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Welcome to the eBay store of Dusty's Speaker Reconing.    A pair of 60's-70's vintage 8 inch alnico speakers completely rebuilt in 4 ohms each. 7/8 inch voice coil, fine all paper cone, felt dust cap. 12 watts each. Unmarked in any way, these look like they are of Japanese manufacture, speakers which should never be underestimated by the way. My original idea was to split the pair and do both in 4 ohms for the Fender Champ amp, making them available on the cheap. I did that, but these speakers sound too good to break the pair. It's almost shocking how good they sound, and I'm reminded again that any old speaker can become something of real value again and sound terrific no matter how humble it may appear to be. Good enough for vintage Hi-Fi 8 inch replacement speakers and you will love the result.  ----  I STAND BEHIND EVERY REBUILT SPEAKER I SELL 100 % ----                                                                                            Dusty's is completely independent, has no factory franchises, does not sell 'kits' or use so called ' factory kits '. Our parts are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world today and almost always are of a higher quality than the originals. Because they are the same parts, made by the same manufacturers without the factory price mark-up, =  the customer saves. My rebuilt drivers, weather for music reproduction, hi-fi or professional sound reinforcement, vintage or current production, are individually hand rebuilt to give you all the sound quality and service life you would get from a brand new driver costing much more.   I am a world-wide shipper and I have no phoney ' handling' charges and bill only actual shipping costs.   21cm x 21cm x 26cm     1.5kg    -------    Paypal account, credit card or debit cards accepted through the Paypal checkout window.  Please do not buy or make any offers with "shipping included", shipping is an extra charge and will be added.                       NOW is the time for reconing. That old speaker(s) you blew up or damaged years ago, the one(s) you have in storage that have been sitting there waiting, their magnets sweetening over the passage of time are calling out to be reborn. There is magic in there, waiting to be brought out and your old speakers can sound better than they ever did, better than any new speaker you could buy.      Thanks for stopping by Dusty's.    I hope we may be of service to you soon !     Dusty.