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Vintage 1920s PARLOR GUITAR Stella Oscar Schmidt Acoustic Gibson 6 Strings WOW!

  • Price:$34.00

Here's another OLD 1920's Vintage Quality made RARE 6 String PARLOR GUITAR that needs a little TLC, once completed I feel you'll have yourself a Wonderful Sounding and Eye Catching Guitar just like the 12 String I just sold Yesterday Night! This 6 String Looks just like the 12 string but on a smaller level, it has the same Tightly Grained Top and the Wonderful Looking (Herring Bone?) Inlay! This one has done the same thing as the 12, the wood has Moved! Photo's 2 & 10 show the neck that moved and did a little number on the sound hole (exactly the same as the 12 string did) so for sure a Neck Reset is in the plans. When that is completed it will need some cosmetic work around the sound hole and a few body cracks will need attention. Measures 37 1/4" overall with the body being 18 1/4", the large bout is 12 7/8" across with the smaller being 9 1/4"  across. The nut is 1 7/8" wide and still securely attached. There are 3 cracks on the back and a couple on the players side (photo 8).  I'll just let the 12 photo's show what you'll be receiving. Shipping, insurance and tracking will be around $40.00 in the U.S. and I do ship worldwide. Thanks for lookin and please email with any questions.      PS, As I did on the 12 string I looked EVERYWHERE for a makers mark, a number or any sign of whom the maker may be? Nothing, although someone emailed me on the 12 and they stated it was made by Stella Oscar Schmidt back in the 20's and it was a Jumbo model, perhaps this is made from the same Maker? The last photo shows what I think is some Pencil markings inside the sound hole on the brace, I cannot make it out. One more thing, one of the tuning machines has been changed out with a newer cheap one, I showed the Older in the photo's        Thanks