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Vintage 1940s Harmony "G B Walters Blonde Blues Guitar / K&K hidden pickups

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Vintage 1940s Harmony "G B Walters
Bass projecting Bluz Box
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This Harmony G B Walters was owned by a little old lady named Claire who in her late 80s was making the rounds of open mics in Oregon playing some smoking blues and pre World War II Tunes that in her day branded her as "from the other side of the tracks" She promised to contact the fellow who sold it to me when she was ready after a lifetime of playing to let it go. She called him, he rushed and bought it, and she died not long after. It's as if she new her time was near and wanted to make sure this amazing guitar, like her love of music and her spirit embodied in this instrument, would live on. The new owner moved to Texas and dragged it everywhere he went and played it constantly for ten years.This thing must have had a neck reset along the way and fine luthier work at Gruhn guitars where it's crack on the side (not large) was inspected and pronounced stable and has been so for many years. It came into my hands a little over a year ago when its owner passed it on to me. He made sure he described the 100s of blues tunes he played on it and his carrying it to visit renewed grave marker of his hero Mississippi Fred McDowell, developer of a distinct slide style. Bonnie Rait was part of the group that raised the money for a proper marker and dedication at the grave where this guitar was played in tribute to Fred. Fred's widow provided the actual photo you see here with the guitar photos and it was taped to the face of the guitar when I received it. I'm keeping Fred's photo as a momento of having played this great guitar. The best part is, you can also plug it into an amp as it has K&K Archtop Pickups glued inside under the top and the jack is in the endpin. There is a photo of the instructions used for the pickup installation and a drawing of their placement with the guitar photos as well..

So, here's a great character filled guitar who's body shows the hard earned marks of time. It's been played in dedication at the gravesite of a blues legend, and played for years by a rebellious, eyebrow raising lady in too many clubs to count, and then passed on to me by Michael, it's previous lover and owner.

Now it's your turn to take up the mantle and keep the music flowing from this musical time machine.

Mississippi Fred will be smiling over your shoulder every time you play and might even help guide your hands along the way..........

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Lonesome Lee