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Vintage 1954 Gibson j-160e acoustic guitar

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   The first year for the j-160e, when it still had the solid wood top.  The pickup works fine.  There is some normal wear around the sound hole and pickguard and general finish cracking typical of these old gibsons.   There are a couple small cracks by the knobs and some larger cracks on the back of the guitar.  The cracks on the back are mostly on the lower bout and  it looks like it was punched in at some time. All cracks have been repaired and are solid.  Not the best repair work but there not going anywhere.  The neck is a comfortable 50's profile that has good intonation and is very playable.  The tuning pegs work good..  There is a very small amount of fret and neck wear at the first,second and third frets..  The  bolt right behind the bridge is, I suspect, there to cut down on feedback when played thru the pickup.  These solid wood top j-160e's   were prone to feedback so they went to a plywood top.  They sound better acoustically, but the stuff behind the bridge effects that a little.  All and all a nice vintage gibson that has been around the block a couple of times but is still a great guitar.  Thanks.......