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Vintage 1956 Gibson LG-1 (Blues Holy Grail) w/ HSC!

  • Price:$1000.00

This is a WORN vintage 1956 Gibson LG-1 with Topp hard-shell case.
Have you ever seen someone with a really, really cool guitar and asked yourself, "what is that guitar"? Well....THIS IS that guitar. I had this put up and was planning on having some work done but my guitars are adding up and over the past 48 hours I've been listing a few. I hate to see this one go because it's the best sounding LG-1 I've ever owned. Most of the LG-1s I've owned have had a "hollow" type sound but this one if full and warm. It is had numerous repairs including repaired cracks, re-glued braces, and the saddle has been reset a time or twelve. Currently it needs some fret work because whoever owned this played the crap out of it and I think he played every chord configuration possible up to about the 10th fret. So it will need at least 10 frets. It will also need some bridge plate work because the ball ends have worn away bits of the plate and are creeping up through the string holes. The guitar is perfectly playable "as is" but I would probably have this work done sooner, rather than later. Based on my lengthy experience paying luthiers, I would estimate the cost of the mentioned repairs at around $200.00.

If you're looking for a solid investment that you can also have fun with, look no further. Call (864) 344-2948 for in-hand description. Let's make a deal! Pictures below are representative of the way the guitar looks in person. I can be reached at Check out my music blog! :)

United States shipments will be sent UPS Ground insured for full value. International shipments will be sent via USPS Priority International. I will pack this guitar with great care. If you're not completely satisfied with this guitar, return it within 7 days for a complete refund. Buyer pays return shipping. (Please note: PayPal only.)

Please feel free to ask any questions before bidding!  And as always... Peace and luck! (: