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Vintage 1959 Gibson ES-175 Sunburst Guitar w/OHC

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Gibson firstintroduced the ES-175 guitar in 1949. It was originally equipped with one P-90single coil pickup and in some rare cases, one Alnico V pickup. In February of1957, the ES-175 received a pickup upgrade to the now classic PAF humbuckingpickup.

This exampleis a 1959 ES-175 in a beautiful sunburst finish. This guitar is a totallyunmolested, all original instrument. It is accompanied by its all originalbrown on the outside and pink on the inside hard shell case.

The originalKluson Deluxe tuners and the truss rod function as was intended. The beautifulrosewood fingerboard with dual parallelogram inlays is in excellent condition,and the original frets have plenty of play-wear left. The neck feels verycomfortable in your hand and is wonderfully straight as well. The action islow, and she plays fast and easy.

Thebeautifully vibrant sunburst finish is in great condition. There are a very fewminor nicks and wear marks. There is some finish checking as well. We think itadds character.

This guitaris equipped with what is perhaps the most iconic, copied, as well as enviedguitar pickup of all time