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Vintage 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Junior Jr Project

  • Price:$600.00

1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Junior Project

For your consideration a 1961 SG Junior project 

This guitar has had a few modifications / repairs 

- The headstock was broken and professionally repaired.

- The body has been routed for dual humbuckers.

- A pickup selector switch added.

- The guitar has been refinished in black and

I have no way of telling if the finish is nitro or not

but it is a very nice, thin finish.

- There is some stress cracking in the finish around

the headstock repair and heal. 

- The tuners were switched out for Schallers at some point

and some of the screws broke and remain in the headstock.

Overall the guitar is very solid in terms of repairs and 

the neck has a great early 60's profie with the desireable 1 &11/16s nut.

Comes with the pickguard pictured which may be vintage but Im not sure.

The serial # is still visible under the paint it is 10709

This will be a super easy and fun project!

Good Luck and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.