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Vintage 1963 Supro 1688TN 2x12 tube amp amplifier Valco Jensen speakers

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Selling my go-to amp for much of the last decade and one of my all-time favorites. 1963 Supro 1688TN in excellent working order. My personal pick of the Valco made amps and I've owned just about all of them including the much sanctified 1624T. This has the same sonic goodness as the 24 but more power and is more versatile IMO. It runs 35 cathode biased class A watts with deep, lush tremolo. Like the Fender tweed bassman, this amp was originally intended for bass and as with the 5E6 it's fine for bass but where it really shines is guitar. This is the same model Jeff Buckley used in the Sony studio session where he recorded Hallelujah. For a good idea of what it sounds like with a nice reverb check out: - you can see the amp a couple times early in the video. In addition to beautiful chiming cleans, the 1688TN really blooms when pushed into compression. Pick sensitive, you can go from clean to a little grit to full crunch and roar without need for a pedal. The original Jensen C12P speakers sound huge and provide plenty of volume for live playing in addition to studio. Channels are interactive and I've added two small but useful mods: a speaker output for a second speaker cab as well as a switch which allows you to run a pair of 6L6's or 7027's in the output or a pair of EL34's, widening the tonal palette even more. An amazing amp, these are real sleepers and relatively rare on ebay. I suspect the reason you only see them a couple times in a year is because those who have them hold on to them. Please ask questions before bidding. This amp is also for sale locally. Thanks for looking and check out my other items.