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Vintage 1965 Fender blackface deluxe guitar amplifier (not reissue)

  • Price:$900.00

This is a very nice 1965 Fender Deluxe which has been lovingly restored. Rogers (the best company for cabinet restoration services)  did a great job restoring the cabinet ect, including re-gluing the finger joints so it's very solid, it really makes a difference in the tone. It's been gone through and all components are up to spec and all voltages correct, the leaky old coupling caps were replaced with Weber polyprops. It has new filter caps and a grounded power cord, a good long one so you won't need an extention cord every time you play. As most people know, a deluxe without reverb is less of a high gain sound, since the reverb recovery circiut always adds some gain. It doesn't get real dirty but has a nice crunch. Tubes are NOS Sylvania 6V6Gt's. The output transformer has been replaced, the new one is by Hammond, I'm pretty sure they made the originals. The speaker is a Hudson P12R reissue, they are no longer in business, I had quite a number of them at one time and this is the last one, they were made about 20 years ago, designed for hand-wired botique amps, specificially the 40 watt tweed twin. The speaker has a sweet chime, nothing like the awfull Jensen reissues. which are very shrill and harsh sounding. You can get a richer sound by jumpering the two channels together, something you can't do with a deluxe reverb since it would result in the channels being out of phase. An awesome amp amp that I've played for many years, but I have to pay off all the other gear I've purchased. It loves to be overdriven with a tube screamer, ect. and is really the ultimate amp for a blues jam due to the fact that its even more compact then a deluxe reverb and very lightweight. Happy bidding.

One change, after recieving an inquiry from a buyer in France, I've decided to allow bidding from some foreign countries. The only stipulation is this:

I will not ship to countries which are not covered by Paypal's seller protection, ie countries where delivery can't be confirmed (some scammers claim to not have received goods, if delivery can't be confirmed through that countries postal system the buyer has to refund the payment and loses big bucks. Needless to say, all dutys tarriffs ect are the responsibility of the buyer, and I'm won't submit phoney documentation, such as marking the shipment as a gift. Insurance is required.

Domestic buyers, ignore the ebay shipping calculator, for some reason it's giving an absurd dollar amount, it will cost $40 to ship and insure it in the lower 48 states.