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Vintage 1972 Kasuga/Gakki MIJ KF-820 w/ Case

  • Price:$155.00

This Vintage Kasuga is in near mint condition for a guitar that is over 40 years old. There are no dents or dings in the top or back, the neck and hardware are near immaculate, but there is some very minor case scratching on the sides. The bridge, neck, and brace joints are tight and solid, there is no bellying or lifting of the top or bridge. (see pic 4 ). The fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood, the back sides and headstock are also rosewood, and the top is spruce. It has been recently professionally set up, the action is a little less than 1/8th" at the twelfth fret (see pic 5 ). Further adjustments can be made with the adjustable bridge. It comes with the original fiber case.