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Vintage 1974 Gibson SG original OHSC

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I bought this SG standard about four years ago because it's what I wanted since 1974- the best playing and most gorgeous guitar made in 1974.  I looked for months for the finest example I could find. I paid $3,000 for this in 2008. The color of the instrument is darker than in these washed-out photos and every microscopic scratch is exaggerated to herculean proportions, so... to get a better idea of how dark the guitar is in regular light just look at the small area of what appears to be discoloration near the control cavity plate. That dark spot is nearly invisible in regular light. The wood grain is visible everywhere- that frosty look is just from the flash.

This instrument was taken to the legendary John Carruthers while his shop was still in Venice, CA and he gave it a thorough collector/player/connoisseur tuneup. 
Worming is minimal. 

The ebony fingerboard was expertly razor-cleaned so the fingerboard was exactly as it left the factory almost forty years ago... This includes the original pearlite inlays that naturally shrink are now perfectly level- unlike instruments that do not receive this treatment- yet the frets are as new with the exception of very slight indentation from use on the first few frets. Obviously very little dressing was required to bring this fine piece to perfection. 

Everything was confirmed authentic and original and the original and correct volume and tone pots and the pickup selector switch were deftly cleaned by John Carruthers himself. 
The all-important pickups are original with untouched solder joints.  I suggested he replace the noisy selector switch, but John insisted he simply clean it and leave the original manufacture solder unmolested. No noise at all now. The original pots are all smooth and quiet. 

Connoisseur treatment was $300 and that's because I'm a friend.

John told me the discoloration next to the instrument cavity was a result of a professionally-used contact cleaner that was popular in the '80s. John even lubricated the screws with beeswax before reinsertion. This enabled the cavity cover screws to go back in the receiving threads created by the original insertion of the wood screws. The frets required very little dressing so appear new. 

This being said, you are looking at an almost FORTY year-old example of Gibson's apex of production.

What else can I say? I looked far and wide for the very best 1974 Gibson SG I could find and I bought it. Then I took it to the best luthier to clean it up so I would have the guitar that I used in school that made me want to play in the first place... but 35 years later. The only reason this is available is draconian IRS collection methods. I shit you not. Already sold Ducati S4RS Tricolore, Wilson Tactical Supergrade, Ed Brown Kobra Karry, and $70k in numismatics. While this is none of anyone's business, it give you an idea of where this instrument ranks in my list of priorities.... Above eating but below my kids eating.

Remember, this seems pristine but is not new. I find no issues but is sold "as is" so only bid what you are willing to pay. And read my shipping cost*. Action is set up for standard TENS (feels like nines on a strat) and has never required repair. The color looks darker than the photos and as a result the dark spot near the control plate is entirely camouflaged. All minute scratches showing in photos are greatly exaggerated and original case and strap are included. Al hardware is original and has never been removed except control panel to clean contacts and pots and to verify authenticity.  ALL hardware is original and never removed as far as anyone can tell.

Ships in original hardshell case with original strap. 

*Buyer pays lower 48 shipping of $150, then you will be refunded difference from actual correct packing and shipping. Full insurance with buyer as beneficiary. 
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Paypal within 24 hours, period.  I'm only selling this to pay rent, so no games.  

But really......    how often do you see a catch like this?