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Vintage 1975 Fender BASSMAN 100 Bass Amplifier Bassman Amp Head w/ Cover

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ARIZONA MUSIC, of Prescott, AZ. 


Vintage 1975 Silverface Fender Bassman Head
100 watt All Tube Bass Amplifier
Made in USA

Received from a longtime friend, and Guitar & Amp Collector.
Sold to Arizona Music of Prescott, AZ.
He just had the amp completely serviced with new tubes, and was going to play it,
but the economy is getting the best of him, and he had to sell it.
He never even had the chance to use it.

Hand built in the USA in the mid 1975 or '76.
Serial number is  #  B-17554

Completely inspected and serviced by Vintage Amp Tech:
Mario Amodeo of ARIZONA MUSIC.

All power tubes were replaced with NEW Sovtec's 6L6WXT+'s.
The Pre Amp tubes were replaced with new Peavey 12Ax7a Tubes, (and a 12aT7).
The original power cable (which was frayed), was replaced with a modern one.
Original Fender Grill Cloth, and knobs.
All tone and coupling caps are original, and new electrolytics, and after market correct choke.
Other than these minor repairs, it's a screaming ALL tube Fender Bassman Amp Head.
Made in USA in 1975.
The amp is in very good condition, the tolex is in great shape.
The Face of the amp is clean.
The original grill cloth is in good shape
(it has a few holes from burn marks?).
This is the killer 100 watt all tube no frills guitar amp head.
Comes completely serviced and ready to go with brand new tubes ----
Comes with a nicely fitting vinyl amp head cover.

We have a restored 1975 Fender Bassman 2 x 15 Bass Cab for sale as well.
If you are interested in purchasing both please contact us for a quote!

Same day shipping when paid for during normal business hours.
(10AM-6PM  Monday-Friday PST)

This 1975 Vintage Fender Bassman Bass Amp Head
comes with a 30 - Day ARIZONA MUSIC Inspection Warranty.

We know that this price is a premium for this amp.
It has over $200.00 worth of BRAND NEW tubes, 
a complete inspection service of all components,
including cleaning the pots, jacks, and biasing.
A $350.00 service job.
If you want an amp that you can go to work with, and will give you years
of great quality dependable sound, as well as the vintage sound.
This is it.


 Bassman 100 Design

The Fender Bassman 100 is a piggyback amp design.
This is similar to a half  stack or stack amp,
where the amp and speaker cabinet are separate components that are connected together.
The difference is that a piggybacked amp head is designed to be used with the matching speaker cabinet.
\The two components are marketed as a single product rather than two separate pieces.
Both the head and cabinet are covered in black tolex.
The grill is a pinkish / brown replaced grill cloth (not silver).

Head Specifications

 The Fender Bassman 100 is a 100 watt amp.
The pre-amp section tubes are two 7075 tubes and a 12AT7 tube.
(replaced with new Peavey 12AX7A & a 12AT7)
The power amp section contains four 6L6 tubes
(The tubes have been replaced with new Sovtec 6L6WXT Tubes.)
 The Bassman 100 has a solid state rectifier.
 The head is 26.125 inches long, 9.5 inches wide and 8.75 inches tall.
The bass and normal channels have separate controls.
 The bass channel has volume, bass and treble controls.
The normal channel has volume, bass, mid, treble and bright controls.
There is a master volume control that affects both channels.
 The Bassman design was originally an electric bass guitar amplifier.
The bass channel is primarily used by bassists using this amp,
while the normal channel is better suited for guitarists.

Read more:
The  Specifications of a Fender Bassman 100 CFA-7100 
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