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Vintage 1976 Alembic Series I Active Bass Guitar w/Flight Case/Relay Box/Cables

  • Price:$4000.00

Picture gallery is below the descriptionThis 1976 Alembic Series I bass guitar is the finest bass I have ever owned. The Alembic Series I is the proverbial pocket knifes of bass guitars. It is able to capture a multitude of sounds from it's Bartolini Pick-ups, volume knob and low-pass filter with 3-position Q switch for each pickup plus selector switch will give you a lot of tonal options when playing or recording. The wood used and neck through design and brass bridge and tail piece will provide, what seems to be, endless sustain. The combination of birds-eye maple and mahogany make this a eye catching bass to look at.I have had the joy of owning this bass for 5 years now. It seen a lot of action in that time but this bass is perfect. There are no buzzy spots on the fret board. The frets are perfectly level and show very little to no sign of grooves. All the electronics work perfectly. The tuners can hold a tune for hours at a time. The brass shows very little to no rust. The action is incredibly low and fast. This bass practically plays itself. You will not find a better functioning bass that this one.The bass plays perfectly despite some small short comings. The bass does have a professional head stock repair which I have pictured. It had this break before I purchased it. It has never gave me any issues at all. It is has some dings and scratches here are there but nothing out of the ordinary of 36 year old bass. Some of the parts are unoriginal. The G-String tuner is unoriginal compared to the rest of West Germany Schaller tuners. I did take the liberty of installing strap locks on the bass to make sure the bass is secure while playing.So there you have it. This bass is set-up and ready to be gigged. It is fantastic bass and you will not be disapointed in it. This is a very rare opportunity to own a 1976 Alembic Series I bass, so don't miss out! The bass comes with everything pictured: ATA Flight Case, Strap Locks, Power Box, and count "2" 5-Pin Cables.The bass will be shipped and insured UPS Ground. No international shipping.If you have any questions just ask. I do offer a 24 hour return policy. If you are unsatisfied with the bass notify me with in 24 hours. You ship the bass back for a refund of the purchase price minus the shipping charges.