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Vintage 1978 Silver Face Fender Super Reverb

  • Price:$1000.00

1978 Fender Super Reverb
Serial# A816071This Fender Super Reverb is in GREAT SHAPE!! Even though it was produced 34years ago it still sounds fantastic. Not only is the amp in great shape, but italso comes with the original Foot Pedal (Vibrato/Reverb). All knobs work, andthe speakers are tear free and the cover has only minor wear.

If you are a Fender Nut, then this amp is for YOU!

Super Reverb Specs:
45 Watts into 4 x 10" 8 Ohm Jensen Speakers
4 x 12AX7's
2 x 6L6's
Rectifier Tube - 5U4GB
Two Channels - Normal and Vibrato
Both Channels have Bright, and EQ (Treble, Middle, Bass)

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