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Vintage 1979 or 1980 Aria Pro II YS-500 Neck Through electric guitar 100% Stock

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This is a stunning guitar with incredible sustain. Notes ring.  It is vintage and top of the line from the very very high quality Japanese manufacturer and factory. I cant put links in the ad but google the name of the famous manufacturer and factory for info. It was made in the Matsumoku factory by their top craftsman and top materials. The model is a YS 500 It is 100% original and in fantastic condition. The neck is maple and it goes through the guitar. The wings are ash with fantastic figure. The serial number places it as a 1980 though the previous owner thinks it was bought in 1979. This isn't uncommon, info online describes other Aria Pro II vintage guitars having that kind of manufacturing date flexibility. It has the very highest top of the line features - Mother of pearl logo and fretboard markers, a brass nut, string thru bridge, ash headstock veneer, Brazilian rosewood.  I have owned it for one year and the last owner owned it for 10. The frets and electronics are in excellent condition as is the entire guitar. It sounds and looks great. There are very very few and minor flaws including a small 1/2 inch surface crack underneath the 5way rotary knob that you cant see unless you examine it very very closely. I believe everything on the guitar to be completely original and untouched.  Here is some info from online: is a great site with photos of the original advertisement, serial dating info and model descriptions.

BodyNato/mahogany body?Sycamore/maple bodyAsh/maple body
Neck3 piece maple detachable3 piece maple detachable5 piece maple/mahogany set-in5 piece maple/mahogany transmit(thru)
FingerboardRosewood 24 fretRosewood 22 fretRosewood 24 fret
Pickups(2) Protomatic II HB?(2) Protomatic II HB(2) Protomatic I HB
Controls1V, 2T, 3-way, coil-cut1V, 2T, 3-way, coil-cutwith SC on/off2V, 2T, 3-way, coil-cut1V, 2T, 3-way, coil-cut
BridgeString-thru-body bridgeString-thru-body bridgeString-thru-body bridgeString-thru-body bridge
TunersCovered GearCovered Gear?Covered Gear?Covered Gear?
Finishes(WR) Wine Red
(W) Walnut
(B) Black
(B) Black(WR) Wine Red
(W) Walnut
(B) Black
(LO) Light Oak
(W) Walnut