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Vintage '50s Kluson GOLD Gibson Guitar Tuner Treble Sd

  • Price:$99.99

  Vintage '50s Kluson GOLD Gibson Guitar Tuner!!! Treble Side !!! !



Bid is for one '50s Gibson Single Line treble tuner!!! You can get replacement Keystone buttons online. Shaft is slightly bent, easily straightened  before you put the new button on.

 A word about used items - they are just that. I have tried to describe needs as best as I can. There may be issues that have to be corrected to meet the requirements of the new owner. If this sounds like something you can use, would enjoy doing, or will pay a repair-person to restore, please bid. If you have very high expectations if may be best to pass on these types of listings.
 I'd rather avoid any unpleasantness because of unmet expectations.

I will not accept a return on this item due to shipping charges and it's vulnerability as a potentially fragile item. Again - terms of sale - 'as-is', no returns or 'adjustments'. That being said, I hope that the item finds a good home. In the right hands, it's well worth consideration!