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Vintage '60s Harmony USA Blues Flatop Guitar -BLOND ! GOOD NECK !

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Vintage '60s Harmony Blues Flatop Guitar -BLOND ! GOOD NECK !

Pretty clean for age, not a lot of play wear, decent neck. Unlike most Harmony guitars from this era, no neck reset is needed. You  WILL be able to paly it when re-strung & set up. Will require strings and personal set up.


Buyer pays shipping.


Sold 'as-is'. Needs have been described. Please examine pictures for detail and determine if this is a project that you would like to undertake. I would advise AGAINST purchasing this guitar with the intent of having a luthier/'guitar tech' put it back together for you - too costly and this really doesn't require any advanced skills other than common sense, changing strings, etc. If there is any chance that you would NOT be happy with doing your own restoration, repairs, & set-up, it would probably be best to pass on this listing. I'd rather avoid any unpleasantness because of unmet expectations.