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Vintage 60s Winston Electric Guitar with Case - Made in Japan - Needs Work

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Up for sale is a very cool late 60s Winston electric guitar made in Japan.  I believe this is Model 449 according to a 1968 Winston guitar catalog I found online.  It is a short scale student guitar.  My brother purchased this guitar new sometime in 1967-68 and never learned how to play it, so it sat in a gig bag in his closet until 1977.  I used it to take guitar lessons in 1977-78 and jam with friends until 1981, when I sold it to a high school friend to help pay for a new guitar.  He used it quite a bit for a few years and then stored it until a few years ago when I bought it back from him for sentimental reasons.  Now I have too many other guitars and basses to handle, so I decided to let this one go to someone who can get some good use out of it.

I tested the guitar out recently and it has a great tone that works well for blues, old school rock, surf, punk, etc.  It has a lot of battle scars as you can see from the pictures, including dings and scratches that go through to the wood, and scratches and tarnish on the chrome parts.  The guitar works, but the input jack, volume and tone controls are very scratchy and noisy, so they need some good cleaning or rewiring to get them quieted down.  Some shielding in the cavities wouldn't hurt, either.  The three way switch for the pickups is also very noisy and has to be jiggled sometimes to get a sound after moving the switch and the plastic on the switch is broken.  The tremolo bar is long lost, too.  The frets are worn, but still appear to have some life in them.  The action is a little high and I did not test the truss rod to see if it can be adjusted.  Comes with non-original Epiphone chipboard case, which is pictured and is in good condition.  The case and guitar have a slight odor of stale cigarette smoke from the previous owner, but the smell has diminished after having been stored in my smoke-free home.

I am selling the guitar AS-IS, no refunds or returns, so please ask any questions before bidding.  I have attempted to photograph and describe the imperfections as best I can.  Thanks for looking!