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Vintage Acoustic Flat Top Guitar Airline? Sears? Silvertone?

  • Price:$35.00

 up for your consideration is this acoustic flat top guitar that appears to be a vintage model/make but has no maker's label affixed to it..this guitar only has a serial number on back of headstock that reads, 74020513 along with a probably hand carved initials into paint and wood near the serial number of "IC"..also the top of the head stock is missing black paint and might have been custom carved as it looks or maybe that is where the original name was ? I just don't know, I have not touched this guitar in anyway and selling as I found it at Fair Play Swap does not have a full set of strings installed either and what strings are present look old and no doubt need replaced with new strings...The neck is surprisingly straight...the guitar has wear from use but no blatant cracks or chunked out areas of the wood construction as the photos testify to this...all parts look original with no alterations or modifications/repairs present other than what ihave described..the guitar is 36-1/4 inches in overall length and lower bout width is 12-5/8 inches with upper bout width of  10 inches...