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Vintage Classical Guitar by RB Nippon Nippon Gakki made in japan MIJ

  • Price:$149.00

Vintage Japanese made RB Nippon nylon string classical guitar in overall good shape, plays well and set up well, sounds good too.  The japanese as a culture prides themselves in the quality of their goods and they have been able to create some incredible instruments and this is an example of that.  What is also cool is Japanese guitars are inexpensive which this is also an example of that.  Mahogany back and sides with a spruce top, I don't know what kind of wood the neck is, original keys bridge saddle and pins, and those two slim pieces of metal on the back I am assuming are for a strap of some kind but I don't know if they are original or not.  The guitar does have some scratches on it, there is a few inch scratch on the back and also it was dropped or banged against something and you can see some cracking on the bottom of the front in pic 6.  The cracking is light but it's there.

This is just a cool inexpensive vintage japanese piece that will only get harder to find and appreciate in value.  It also is affordable, why buy a cheapo Chinese Classical for more money that won't sound as good and will fall apart when you can save money and have a nice vintage piece that will sound better and has already made it 50 years!!!  I am letting this go for $179, thanks for checking this out and we do have a 14 day return policy.  -Andy