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Vintage Epiphone EA-16 RVT Amplifier

  • Price:$222.50

  Up for auction is a vintage mid-sixties Epiphone EA-16 RVT guitar amplifier in very good original and working condition with original cover.. Amp is all original with the exception of a three prong cord that I added for safety . (original "Columbia" cord is included for collectors who want a 100% original amp). Original Oxford 12" speaker (137 539) dated 39th week 1965 is in perfect working order. Three of the tubes seem to be original to the amp (OA2 rectifier, and the two 6eu7 preamp tubes unbranded U.S.A.) the others are two Westinghouse 7591 power tubes, and two RCA 12au7 tubes for reverb and tremolo, also has one EH 12ax7 phase inverter (modern,Russian) the only non-vintage tube. As you can see in the photos the amplifier is in very good condition. Original filter capacitors, original 60's Sprague orange drop caps,and carbon comp resistors. Transformers are original and in good working order. There is some light scuffs on tolex, there is a very slight ding just under the tremolo depth knob on bottom edge of face plate, and a couple of mild scratches on face plate and rear plate, also some pitting and slight surface rust on handle. Amp works as it should. tremolo depth kicks in at about 5 or 6 on the dial, frequency 0-10 working, reverb works well and sound very good. Foot switch is in working order as are the controls, very little scratchiness to the pots, all inputs are working, and shorting correctly when unplugged. Pilot and standby lamps in working order.
 Amplifier is nice and quiet considering the age of the electrolytic capacitors and carbon comp resistors. ( Has a slight hum/hiss ambient noise that is usual to any vintage tube amp with carbon comp resistors, but isn't really noticeable when playing.)

Amplifier is basically the  Epiphone/ Gibson version of the Deluxe reverb.  Amplifier is listed as 35 watts same as a Gibson GA-35RVT Lancer.

low starting price, low reserve.

If you plan on using amp for gigs or extended bedroom use, I wound suggest replacing the electrolytic filter capacitors for safety and reliability purposes.(and as always these amps contain lethal voltages so if you are unsure of your ability  please consult a certified amp tech.)
For the collector, just replace the original cord and you should be good to go. I will also be including two schematics of the amplifier,as well as a photo illustrating proper tube placement.
I have put up a video on You-tube (link below) to demonstrate functionality and sound of amp, so please give it a look. (Note- volume is louder in person than heard on video due to the limitation on my video camera mike and You-tube audio, so please take that in to consideration when viewing.)

please view photos carefully , and please ask question before bidding.(I think I have included all pertinent info, but please feel free to ask any question you may have) 

Item will be well packaged with tubes uninstalled and placed in a separate box in back of amp.

Item sold as-is due to nature of shipping vintage electronics. No returns.

payment via paypal only. payment due ASAP at completion of auction.

Shipping to lower 48 states only.

thank you for looking