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Vintage Fender Coronado II Wildwood I

  • Price:$2500.00

Very nice guitar,aged well with checking on the headstock and on some part's of the body.

100% Orig. All electronic's,tuner's,tremolo work great.I really don't know the exact year so

here are the serial #s 196806.Very nice patina,I did not polish the guitar,just wiped with

cotton cloth so the rest is up to the buyer.The chrome is clean,the neck play's like a dream

with a nice low action.I have the orig.fender flat wound string's which came off it,which I replaced

with 56-12s.D'Adderios and this axe sound's fantastic through my Marshall Half stack.The case

is the orig. Victoria and is clean on the inside but rough on the outside,but that can be expected

for it's age.Any further question's I will be happy to answer to the best and I will send additional

pic's of what-ever you want.There are no return's and good luck to the winner.