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Vintage Fender Mustang Bass

  • Price:$400.00

Vintage Fender Mustang Bass for sale

  • Manufactured in the USA in 1974 at the Fullerton plant.
  • Plays beautifully.  Clean powerful tone without hum
  • Easy action, no buzzing frets.
  • Fantastic players instrument, the Mustang bass is a short scale, so it's pretty effortless to play. 
  • Bass has been refinished in a vintage white color, not a perfect paint job, but appropriate to the condition of the guitar.  the color is slightly less bright than the images suggest.  the white in person has a very warm creamy quality.
  • comes with a very clean Fender Mustang bass case.  i don't know  if it is original, but the fit is perfect.
I have done my best to include all relevant information, good and bad, regarding this instrument.  please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.
The Bass will be securely boxed and insured for safe shipment.