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Vintage Filmosound guitar amp 1950s fender deluxe

  • Price:$450.00

Ever wanted to own a 1950s guitar amp?

Up for sale is a Vintage Bell and Howell Filmosound guitar amp that works AMAZINGLY well and is your holy grail in the tone quest.  This will be a relatively cheap way to own a guitar amp from the 1950s.  Listed on the schematic at 15Watts.  Schematic date is 1955 - likely from late 1950s.  This amplifier is modified for usage with guitar including properly grounding the power (shown in a picture) and slightly modifying the speaker jack to accomodate a 1/4" cable.  This amp has never been gigged - the speaker has less than 6 hours of use.  For a 50+year old amp - it's incredibly clean.  

The tube layout is remarkably similar to early Fender Deluxes - 

2 12ax7
3 6v6GT
1 5879
1 5Y3GT

(as you can see in the schematic)

This amp has 2 knobs - Volume and Tone (tone is also the power switch) and it is LOUD.

I built the headsleeve for the amp myself which was a bit of an arts and crafts project.  it LOOKs handmade but the 'rough' nature of some of my construction in no way takes away from the tone - the speaker cabinet is PROFESSIONALLY built and loaded with a Weber DT12 12" 8ohm speaker which was a collaboration speaker design between Ted Weber and Lord Valve for Derek Trucks  (from

Weber's DT-12 speaker provides warm smooth tone with good bottom end. The 20oz magnet helps keep the speaker somewhat inefficient, so you can drive your amp into overdrive more easily than with a more efficient speaker. Excellent replacement for Deluxes, Pro Reverb, and Bassman 50w, where you want to get some drive from those amps without a thin and harsh treble.

12", 20oz Ceramic magnet, 30 watt, 1.5" voice coil, ribbed cone, 3" paper vented dustcap.

I am also including 2 additional 6V6GT tubes (pictured) - a Bell and Howell and a sought after RCA brown base.  These tubes have been tested in the AMP with excellent results. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask - if you want sound samples or additional pictures i can try to furnish them for you!  I will consider all offers!

Here's an awesome video of a guitar player playing through the same model amp! (Filmosound 385 00855) the Los Angeles Guitar Shop is selling this amp without a cab or speaker for $450.  all with similar modifications!